7-Point Wholesale Plan for B2B Wholesale Platform

Are you giving your customers the online experience they demand? Here is a 7-point wholesale plan for your b2b wholesale platform!

You have already implemented a b2b wholesale platform and now you are looking for a way to scale up your b2b ecommerce strategy? Well, you have come to the right place.

This article helps merchants, retailers, and business owners to explore and analyze the foundational elements of running a successful b2b ecommerce store.

You need to remember that it is important to provide a great shopping experience for your retail customers and for your wholesale customers. We have created this 7-point wholesale plan that will help you build a wholesale channel that includes the important elements for an improved b2b customer experience:

  1. Shopping experience – You need to offer a superior shopping experience which includes easy order, flexible payments, and speedy checkouts. You need to simplify every single step of online shopping so that customers enjoy when purchasing your items.
  2. Exclusivity – You need to offer items which cannot be found or purchased elsewhere. These items are known as wholesale account-based exclusives. By offering such items, you will attract customers’ attention and keep your buyers interested and coming back for more.
  3. Price – You can use logic-driven rules to provide a customized e-pricing for your customers. You can create price groups, pre-negotiated rates, and discounts.
  4. Availability – Use data integration to achieve real-time inventory visibility while controlling category, product, payment, and shipping views by account.
  5. Speed – Online shoppers don’t like waiting too long for the order to process. By choosing the right b2b wholesale platform, you can fulfill orders quickly via on-site calculations, as well as, a sophisticated fulfillment integration with shipping and warehouse providers.
  6. Customer Service – Use CRM data, as well as, website features to reduce demand. You can use interactive FAQs, self-service quotes and returns, on-page social resources, and etc.
  7. Brand – Did you know that you can elevate distributor into curator or taste-maker? Yes, you can use content to highlight your role in choosing, negotiating, and fulfilling products.

The b2b wholesale channel is within reach for all merchants and business owners. By using a b2b wholesale platform you will have a dynamic control over the overall b2b shopping experience. You can manage custom merchandising, orders, real-time inventory visibility, complex price rules, personalized user interface.  By keeping these 7 points in mind and by using the right wholesale platform, running your wholesale business can be as easy as running a retail store.